Brand on the Run

Everything we do on a daily basis has been viewed by marketers as an opportunity to impose their product, brand or logo on us directly or, indirectly. It has been estimated that we are exposed to approximately 300 images a day and pay attention to a good portion of them. The fact is, that every social, business or leisure activity provides promotional opportunities.

Any item can carry a brand logo from a pen to an airplane. These promotional items can be carried by your staff as brand ambassadors, by customers, or by members of the public. Aligning your brand to cool items like fashionable clothes, sports products etc. can also create positive associations with your business.

Business meetings, corporate events, seminars, concerts, sports events and so on provide perfect platforms for brand promotion. At the business meeting you could supply pens and notebooks that carry your logo for each attendee. A sports team can wear sponsored clothing that carries your logo. You can distribute free branded corporate gifts at promotional events like t-shirts, hats, armbands and USB keys. Your staff can wear uniforms that carry your logo alongside their bags and laptop cases.

We can think of any product within any context that can be branded for promotional purposes. This has proved to be an extremely effective form of advertising and a successful strategic approach to raising brand awareness. Ubiquitous and consistent brand promotion gets noticed whether we cognitively engage or not.

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