A fully functioning, efficient office is like a well oiled machine. It’s all about fuel, and a regular, managed supply will keep the engine ticking over nicely.

Keeping well stocked with office stationary is crucial to maintaining a smooth running business. Businesses are judged on their levels of efficiency and how well they communicate with stakeholders. Poor management of office stationary can be detrimental to your business on a number of levels that we will discuss here.

How many accounts have been lost because that Fax didn’t arrive in time? Was it a dis-functional Fax machine? Did we run out of paper? Did we have backup? Does this sound familiar?

That’s just one example of what can go badly wrong when there is no contingency plan!

Good office management requires good stock management which should be informed by a knowledge of the items required for your business to function efficiently. What is needed, how much, how often, and supplied by whom? Try also to think about contingency, always have back-up and don’t allow an opportunity to be compromised. Good quality and affordable stationary will make a big difference to your business operations and your operational costs.

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